Featuring D3O®
Impact Protection Technology

D3O—Proven Impact Protection

While the Fall-Safe Hip Protector is the first medical application of D3O®, the material has come to be recognized as the pre-eminent impact protection technology in many fields where its lightweight impact protection properties are desirable.

As a testament to its unique combination of efficacy and comfort, D3O was first used in the streamlined suits worn by the U.S. and Canadian giant slalom ski teams at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games to protect against bruising when striking giant slalom gates at high speed, and soon thereafter in knit "beanie" hats that many skiers prefer in place of a helmet.

D3O material can now be found in a wide rage of products made by a multitude of companies worldwide, serving the impact protection needs of the military, law enforcement, sports, and personal electronics industries, including:

  • Rear facing deformation plates for bulletproof vests, blunt trauma protection and other equipment for military and police use, including standard-issue protection for the US Special Forces, as well as equipment for undercover and riot police, including the French Gendarmerie.
  • Protective wear including bodysuits, gloves, and helmets used in professional, amateur, and recreational skiing, snowboarding, baseball, football, soccer, skateboarding, cycling, mountain biking, motorsports, and horseback riding, as well as in boxing gloves
  • Protective boots for mining, construction, military, fire, police, and ambulance personnel
  • Protective apparel, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards for film and TV stunt men and women
  • Ballet shoes
  • Protective cases for fragile consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops

D3O® is soft and flexible in its natural state, but instantly rigid upon impact—making it the pre-eminent impact protection technology in many fields


Precisely calibrated equipment for standardized comparative testing of impact protection performance properties of various materials